Doubts related to Inventory and Suppliers

Hello Everyone,

I just started a new restaurant and I’ve installed the Samba Pos version 4 to help me track my daily expenses and revenue. I’ve progressed a little by understanding a little in terms of how the software works but I am having trouble understanding a few things. I’ve gone through the forum posts but the idea is not entirely clear.

  1. I do not understand what is document type. I understood that for a transaction to happen between a supplier and shop a purchase document needs to be created. But is it a one time thing? Or is it for every transaction, I need to create a new document to facilitate this transaction?

  2. At the moment, in my accounts section I created a suppliers tab by following the previous forum posts. But I want to create separate supplier accounts for different supplier’s so that for every transaction I can view how much money Ive spent on each supplier. How can i do this?

  3. To pay the supplier once I create a transaction, I want the money to solely go from only ‘CASH IN WALLET’. How can I also set this up. I do not want this money to be deducted from Cash Account.

Thank you for your help


Here are some good tutorials to study:

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V5 can take it one step further and do some amazing things, for example:
This is not what your asking I know but it demonstrates some amazing capability only available in v5 and the concept could be applied to do what your asking.

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Thanks! Will definitely go through all of these.

I needed help in another issue as well.
In my inventory items tab I list the base price and transaction price of an item and save it. I then create a transaction document and of all the things I have purchased, sometimes a few items are discounted and sold at a lesser or higher price. So when I make a change in the transaction document an error shows up and the whole thing shuts down. Why is this so and how do I correct this?


Scarlet Sieiro

You can not go back and change transactions. I don’t understand though what would your sell price have to do with inventory purchase?