Drawer kick cable type not the 4pin RJ11 right?

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Hi, from some googling it seems the drawer kick cable isn’t the same as the typical RJ11 used for phone line right ?

So a 4 pin RJ11 can damage my printer and drawer if used? And instead I need to use the 6pin type like 6P6C ?like the link below.

The whole RJ11/12 things confuses me a lot because several explaination sources seems to contradict each other. . .I’d really appreciate it if anyone with drawer can confirm :confused:

RJ11 can support up to 6 pin. I dont see how it could damage it. Not all RJ11 contains 6 pin cables. RJ11 is the connectors standard not the cable standard. If it works then your set do not worry about it.

6pin cables typically are used for ADSL where it may use bonded pairs.

right :D, so does that mean can use phone cable(rj11 6P4C I think) for drawer kick ? Sorry if your reply already contained an answer , I just want to make sure my drawer will work :slight_smile:

Yes you can use phone cable. If your not sure just look at the connector pins on the drawer. Count the pins, buy the cable that matches the pins. I typically buy the 6pin cable just because having extra pins won’t matter and if I need the extra pins at some point I won’t have to buy a new cable.

So save yourself a headache and just buy 6pin cable. It will work in devices needing 6 as well as just 4 pin devices.

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An RJ11 plug with fit into an RJ12 socket. Cash drawers usually come as RJ12 (some manufacturers wrongly mark them as RJ11).

What is important is how the cable is wired and which pins are used for the drawer kick. I think you can also configure what pins to send the kick to either via printer or ESC/POS command.