Drink Price change only if meal purchased

Is anyone able to suggest how a price can change automatically if they purchase a meal?

I guess Happy Hour is a good place to start, but it would only apply if they had purchased a meal.

Your suggestions would be appreciated

Sure u can use a action named “update order”.

based on what? How will it know to change price?

If it was a general ‘if there is a meal on the ticket’ use x price list then price lists could work.

There is a combo setup you’ll find on forum if its a case of a meal deal rather than general price list change

they get cheap coffee if they purchase a meal from the breakfast menu between 7am and 9:30am

my english not enough for explain that. you must search a bit.

So you could do an order added rule with a set of constraints for product group being breakfast, with times from 0700 to 0930

then your action would be an order update action, for the coffee product and set the price

This way the 1 one rule would work only between the times you set, for the menu items in breakfast, making the coffee drinks you specify change price

actually its probably be better using the promotion setup ill show you now…