Dual copy printing

How to enable dual copy at a time?

In your print job action set number of copies to 2


Just change the “Copies”

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Yep thats it, change copies to 2 and itll print out 2 for you

This is not an Issue - it is a Question. Please read the guidelines.

After changing to 2 You may need to delete the action in the rule, save the rule, log out and back in and then add the action back to rule for the changes to work

Just updating the action wont actually update it in the rule its ready assigned to (something that seems to have been “fixed” in V5 though)


It somewhat works but not always it depends on the change. Its still best practice to delete and add the action into the rule again after any changes to the action.

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thank u very much.i will check ur solutions.@ab0udamd

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not showing copies option in that menu.

Your using V3 thats probably the issue, copies doesnt look to be supported in V3

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You should upgrade to v4 if you want this feature.

PS This forum is for v4 if you need help with V3 please check here:



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