Dual Screen Setup - Pos and Work Screen

I have the following idea:
I want to have 2 screens - 15 inch touch screen for the SambaPos and a second 17 inch LCD Screen for browsing and working with data. The OS will be Windows 7 Home Premium.
I was wondering will it be posible to use the POS and the mouse simultaneously. The operator will work with the browser and when an order comes he will use the POS screen to submit it. I now how to setup the system but I don’t know how will windows react to 2 input devices on different screens.

What data are you referring too. And can you share more reasons this sounds interesting. You can use both inputs it will not cause any issues. I assume maybe your talking about a web interface?

I am not aware of a method for “containing” or “restricting” an input method to a single monitor via a single PC (i.e. this scenario is not native to either a dual-monitor, nor KVM setup), though someone may know better; if so, please share.

EDIT: Hmm, what have we here? At least 2 claims that this is indeed possible. Interesting - learn something new every day…

My original response:

Having 2 monitors attached to the same computer will not likely be able to differentiate between the Mouse and the Touch. So if you’re navigating and clicking on a Browser on 1 monitor, as soon as you touch the POS application on the other monitor, the mouse pointer is going to follow, and vice-versa.

The keyboard would react the same: it will interact with the object that is currently in focus. So if you focus a field in SambaPOS (i.e. Numpad search field), and start typing, if the “other user” focuses a field or dialog on the other monitor, the key presses will immediately follow.

http://www.multimouse.com/ is another that I have used in the past.

This is my idea. I just want to use one PC and 2 monitors so that is is easier for the operator to do his job and not have to ALT+Tab betwen screens.

You can do that. He can just use mouse for both. Cursor will move between the two monitors. Or he can use touch it does not matter. It will move cursor from one screen to the other though.

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Absolutely that can be done without any special software so long as it is 1 user. I was under the impression you wanted 2-user control.

Ok. Perfect.
With the multimouse software would it be possible for 2 user to work simultaneously - one browsing and one using the POS? Maybe a software for separate keybords for each screen would be nice.