Duplicate Order Action - Duplicating more than one causes multiple of the same products

Working on an function where you highlight a selected item in a ticket and using Duplicate Order Action, you click on a button called “Repeat Item Order” and it clones the order.

This works fine if you highlight a single item and click Repeat Order.

However when you highlight more than 1, it seems to duplicate numerous times which I find very weird.

Unsure if this is due to course mappings or something else.

Below is my Rule/Action and Automation Button.

Below is the result when you select an item (whether submitted or new) and click “Re-Order Item”

Below is the result of me highlighting 2 items and clicking “Re-Order Item”

As you can see it duplicates the items 3x times.

I thought it may be something related to the courses, so i selected an item from a different course and highlighted an item from each course and clicked “Re-Order Item”, and the result is the same. See Below.

Anyone got any ideas to why this is occurring?

I tested this in a brand new fresh DB and the result is the same.

I tested it when ticket status is new and item status= New

I highlighted 2 items (highlighted in red) and clicked “re-order Item” and it still duplicates it 3 times.

There also doesn’t seem to be any parameters which indicate the amount of times to duplicate.

Rule Mapping appears correct.

Im scratching my head at the moment.

Ideally im trying to make the button work so it only duplicates the items that are highlighted.

Is there a constraint i should add to the rule that can reflect this? Or maybe to the action?

In your Automation Command button configuration, there is an option to Execute Once. Put a check-mark on that option.

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:open_mouth: that was it!

So simple.

I somehow overlooked it lol.

Thanks for picking that up.

It works now :slight_smile:


I thought the same thing you did, when I was trying to help someone else with a similar problem. I was able to got a couple thousand orders on a ticket with a single click…kinda impressive I thought. lol

@JTRTech helped figure that one out. The thanks needs to be point towards him.