Duplicate Orders Action, Order tag group and price

Right now Duplicate Orders Action using kind of free tagging for order tag instead of use the same exact order tag group and tag value.

Now, the issue is I set the order tag price to add to product price for that order tag group. But the free tagging doesn’t add the price to product price, it still has the order tag price and total still correct but the print out for that item was wrong (only base price, no order tag price added).

For ex:
Normal item select from menu & order tag (Shrimp $2)

1x Soup.Small $5
- Shrimp
Total $5

When using Duplicate order (line price show $3 but totla $5)

1x Soup.Small $3
- Shrimp
Total $5

I’m wondering how can I set this Free Tagging behavior or it would be better if duplicate orders can use exact order tag group and tag value.

I would prefer not to print order tag price. It looks messy.

@emre any solution to this?

Mostly I used portion for choice of meat. But the soup, it has portion size and order tag for meat :frowning:

It just copies tags to new order. I don’t understand what you mean by kind of free tagging. Can you elaborate?

Ahh, I thought it should not be anything wrong with this. It just copy order tag. But I manage to interfere it somehow I don’t know. Again, it works fine on default database.

I think that why I have problem with duplicate items won’t merge that I posted earlier too. I really don’t know what can interfere it. Can order states causing it? I have a bunch of order states but I don’t have anything to do with order tag (automatically anyway).

I don’t think I could understand what it does. I can better comment if you explain / demonstrate the issue in detail.