E-food.gr API Integration

Hey Guys,

Is there any updates on e-food.gr Intergration on Samba.

api accepted order on efood in greece. any help.



The repo you linked seems to be for sending orders to the service, not receiving.

If they have an open API you can access to retrieve orders, everything you will need to integrate you will find in the forums.

It would be great if you could help me where to start to connect

EFood.Session class


import * as EFood from ‘efoodgr’;

let session = new EFood.Session();

(async function main() {

await session.login('your.email@efood.gr', 'your-password-or-pat');

let addresses = await session.getUserAddresses();

await session.setAddress(addresses[0].id);

let nearbyStores = await session.getStores({
    latitude: address.latitude,
    longitude: address.longitude,
    onlyOpen: true

await session.setStore(nearbyStores[0].id);

let menu = await session.getStore();

let menuItem = menu[0];

// @todo Document the rest of this process...
// ... add items with session.addToCart(itemOptions)
// See how it's done in src/commands/addcart.ts

await session.validateOrder();

let orderId = await session.submitOrder();

// Do this a couple of times until it is
// accepted or rejected
await session.getOrderStatus(orderId);


That API is for the customers, not the restaurant.

The first step would be to get access to the order API.

we can find something from here

As I said before, that repo does not get orders from efood, it creates an order on gfood. You need to contact efood and ask them if there is an API available for you to get orders that have been placed to be able to integrate with SambaPOS.

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Once again, that API is for the customers, not for the restaurant. You need to find the API for restaurants, not consumers.

this interfece to accepted order…

Unfortunately that won’t help.

Have a look at GloriaFood’s API. You’ll see it lists an endpoint, how to send the request, and what data is expected. That’s the kind of information you’ll need to be able to pull orders from e-food.

The platform builder (GDPR) General data protection regulation does not have the api available, will we be able to pass the data from the file you are printing with some given data program OCR grab?

GDPR is not the platform builder… GDPR is a government oversight for data use and has nothing to do with the company that builds the platform.

Without an API your chances of integrating are almost 0.

SambaPOS does not have OCR technology built in.

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@tayfun can look at them and if we get a big enough demand we can discuss an integration. These things take resources and time to build relationships for. We have to understand the market for it and if it fits our customers. There are thousands of food ordering platforms out there and we cant integrate to them all but we can pick ones our market needs.

https://e-food.gr is the main website.

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Of course we can look at them. We hope to make at least one online ordering integration for all countries that we have customer.