Each tablet for each table

Hi, do we have something to create an each tablet for each table restaurant? I’m thinking about a web interface that can input order directly into SambaPOS?

We have a solution for that. Gotablet

Thanks for the reply, did you mean GO Tablet Menu? The fee seems fair for a restaurant with few tablets for staff to make orders, but not cost effective for an each table each tablet business model.

It’s very cost effective compared to competing solutions.

We will have more products soon.

I’ve been using SambaPOS for almost 10 years since my very first restaurant, so, it’s hard to compare SambaPOS with anything else. Really hope that the pricing and subscription system won’t be a barrier for mass adoption. As an old school guy, I hate subscription business so much (just personally). Expecting a site price package. Do we have a public roadmap for next products? Imaging a restaurant with a sticked tablet table that customers can make a new order or ask for addtional items easily, this is so cool and I urge to put it into my next projects.

The two options of one off and subscription models offer pros and cons for both parties.
One off works if happy to stick with same version infeinatly for sure but offers less ongoing income for creator of the software or reson to develop/inprove without requiring purchase for new version which then requires additional expence to the user updating to new version.
Subscription offers ongoing update model in essence just spreading the cost that they would have seen if had to update purchase with subscription usually being lower but more frequent cost.
Subscription is often more conducive to the business side with a more consistant income to fund development and ongoing costs etc.
This example of tablet tables which is as i understand it a hosted wweb based setup can only really be subscription based since there is an ongoing cost to the business to host the system.

You’re right. Subscription is not so bad as long as we can keep it appropriates for its price, on the other hand, don’t we have a little bit many add-on items with subscriptions (which are confusing sometimes and even without any trial)? Why don’t we just put them all as simple as a one-time fee for V5 license and a subscription for advanced products? Don’t do per unit limit or per user limit, this isn’t anything like a thing SambaPOS would do in the past. If we don’t have a proper changelog for the products, subscriptions are like leeches that keep sucking users’ money for nothing better.

I keep buying stuff from time to time (like metriK, SambaPOS V5 Mobile Client) just for a purpose to support SambaPOS, to be real, they are not as good as they suppose to be. Also, I think tablet tables are better with localhost rather than remote hosting.

These are my very personal thoughts with a deep love for SambaPOS.

We have been working very hard. We are a bigger business now so we don’t have time to share as much as we did in the past. However I assure you we have a larger team now and we have many new products we will launch soon.

Stay tuned.

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Have you considered QR code ordering where customer can pay with their phones?

Ultimately everyone’s handheld device is a tablet.

Implementation cost is minimal.

If you get a party of 4 people on a table each person can order and pay via their own phones.

I’m currently using Gloria Food and it works great.

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Hi! Thanks! This is gold! I actually tried this method but failed in the past because new orders needed contact information and can’t do addtional orders (I’m running BBQ restaurants). I wanted to achieve tablet tables, so, the plan was a tablet ready on table instead of customers’ phones. Do you have any more interesting experience to share? I’m thinking about trying GloriaFood again.