Easy bulk price change with csv or xls

I have searched the forum as far as I can and I understand that a bulk price change is only possible with an user created script on SQL database.

In these days with high inflation and rapid price changes, it seems like we will need to change bulk price lists very often. Can you please integrate an easy “import price list” option.
I’m exporting my product and price list to an excel file and easily work with them, but it ends with manually entering over 500 products one by one.

Whats stopping you from using Price List Editor? Its exactly that, bulk update of product’s portion pricing.

As far as I know I can’t apply a price change in percentage or amount and I have to do that one by one. I need to do a major price change for over 500 products.
Also even for manual input I can’t sort or filter them as freely as in excel.
There are only name, portion and price columns to sort. It’s not easy to manually change prices for cocktails group for example. It’s also distracting when you can’t sort or group them. That means for me either to sort all products by name, have a printed list of products in same order, enter them manually. Or search by name, change price for 500 products.
Am I missing some of the futures of that page?

Even if import of items existed from CSV format it would still not solve this problem of yours. But what you can do to solve this problem is to create custom automation to apply decreasing/increasing calculations for your products when they are added on the bill.

I do agree with this, it should include group code or at least grouping of items there.

There is currently a search option and filters for product name, portion name and all price definitions.

Alternatively there is an also a powerful API that you can use to create your own script to process this in your own unique way and use case.

Dear Posflow,
I see your points and I can try some more effort to create my scripts personally. But I’m an end user/restaurant owner, no reseller/programmer.
I’m requesting for an easy way for everyday use and believe me it’s more than one time necessity.
I know to have an import file feature is still not good for most users, and the real solution would be on page integration. But it’s a good start, I hope there is a quick update for it and that sambapos is listening for requests.

It’s strange to see a restaurant change prices so often? We do have some updates coming with things you may like however I don’t think I’ve seen a restaurant that changes price or so many items so often. Can you help me understand the business need for that?

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Are you wanting to do % increase across the board like 3% to compensate for inflation or something similar ?

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I guess what I am trying to say is if you can share with us what you need to accomplish. The business need we can understand if we need to add a feature. We can evaluate the business need and see if it makes a good fit to add something. If you just ask for a specific feature how you see fit it may not give enough interest. We may think of something the same as you or we may want to do something completely different that solves your business need and many others needs too.

This is the scenario with many businesses in my country we really need this feature. Prices change almost everyday because of inflation.

Need what feature? I don’t understand.

Sorry, I had to tell first that I’m in Turkey :slightly_smiling_face:
Last month we had to “compensate” prices by %20 without knowing next day’s costs. Now we have additional %47 raise on tax part of alcoholic drinks. It will continue for a while like this for sure.

that’s a good start if it’s supported with a good sort option. for example I should sort and select “wines” and apply %10 price change.
Again for me, a simple “upload xls/csv price list” option would do the trick.

Thanks for your interest

To increase price based on a certain percentage. Like you have mentioned here