EAT OUT TO HELP OUT (samba pos)

Can anyone advise how to work our tills when the eat out the help out starts? We have tried ringing our usual service provider but we cannot get hold of him again.

Did you try searching?
There is a topic with my stomatitis solution and a manual option from another user…

Hi! We have searched but we cannot understand this at all! Would you be able to help us at all please? I would really appreciate it!

Well thats the topic, if you cant follow it maybe seek paid support.
I’m afraid I don’t have much sympathy to go through it all again on the day the scheme starts after 3-4 weeks since announced.


We have been trying to call and message someone since the 13th July about our support program and the eat out scheme but since can to get hold of him at all. Been on the website and since have still got no answers and our calls our going straight to answer phone.

This is not a support feature. You would need to pay somebody to build it for you or follow the thread JTR linked and try to build it yourself.

I think you would find it’s not too hard to accomplish JTR does a good job documenting.

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