EBT, Food Stamp support on Samba

I will give it a try and let you know hoe it works. Thanks a lot for your help

Emre thanks again for a beautiful solution. It’s almost there just a couple more questions.

  1. How can i remove the tax amount from the Product once I select the type of payment (EBT) in my case Sodexo on your tutorial. It does’t clear the tax amount for that Product.

It’s looking amazing !!!
Thanks for all the help.

Hello. I Assume you’ve configured payment types, product tags and tax templates. On this sample I’ll assume Tax Rate is %10.

We’ll start by creating an Account for Tax Deductions.

… and the Transaction Type for tax deductions.

I’ll create a Calculation Type for Tax Deductions.

Please notice Calculation Type is Fixed Amount since we’ll update this amount dynamically. I’ve enabled Decrease Amountsetting. I’ve also enabled Include Tax setting so this calculation will work after tax calculation.

I’ll create an action to update this calculation.

… and finally the rule that handles EBT payments.


This is a special custom expression that calculates tax deduction amount. We multiply EBT payment total * 0.1 because our tax rate is %10.

Let’s see how it works.

This is a sample ticket.

EBT limit is 5,25

So when we receive 5.25 EBT Payment it deducted 0,52 tax. Since this value calculated from payment amount it will work great for partial EBT payment cases.

Finally I want to show Accounts Screen

1,42 tax applied, 0,52 deducted because of EBT payments and 0,90 Due…

Makes sense?

I’ll Implement this process now and keep you informed. As always Thanks for Your Help!!

It works like a charm !!!
Words can not express my gratitude for the hard work you do for all us. This Solution makes Samba a Force to be dealt with in my honest opinion. I’ll be promoting Samba as a real solution for a lot business locally I truly believe you will have great success in your future just for your kindness and hard work. If in any way you believe i can help I’ll be more than willing to do so. I will like to know alternatives to make Donations on behalf of my friends who are using Samba and want to express their gratitude

Again Thanks for all the help you have provided us !!!1.

You can help us for our presentation. Of course if you have time for that…

We Will prepare Video presentation in the Spanish language if thats OK with you .

Great! Of course it is OK with me. A 5~10 seconds video in Spanish will be really awesome. If it can be in front of SambaPOS terminal it will be even more awesome :slight_smile: Thank you in advance for helping us on our presentation.

Tomorrow we will work on getting this task accomplished,!!!

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@emre Hello again, Samba POS is evolving at an astonishing pace. I need some help, I’m trying to implement samba in a supermarket environment and the solution for EBT payments you developed works like a charm. The scenario changes with the calculations you created for us last time. Now we have some items at rate of 1% tax and others at 6% tax all Tax Templates are set, my question is how i prepare the calculations base on order tag (EBT) and tax rate for given item group code where only the % of a given item get deducted from total when EBT payment is selected.

Again Thanks to all the Samba POS Team for an amazing software

@tingol the hard part about this configuration is determining which items paid with EBT. Since tax deduction calculation depends to Payment Amount we need to know which items that payment covers to calculate tax deduction. Do you have an idea about how we can know which items paid with EBT?

@emre. Thanks for your fast response. As per before your idea of utilizing custom product tags works flawlessly, The only issue i found is the different tax rates on different items, so i was thinking if in the calculation instead of the special custom expression [=TN(’{PAYMENT TOTAL:EBT}’)*0.1] we could use something like {ORDER TAX RATE:X} to deduct the tax from the items that have the custom tag =EBT.

Again Thanks for all the help!

We can easily support that tag but I doubt if it will work when customer pays %50 of EBT products with EBT Card. Does is always gets fully paid?

@emre No, Normally that kind of transaction is more like 75% on EBT and 25% either Cash or ATM card.

So? {ORDER TAX RATE:EBT} will return %100 tax of all EBT items. Does it works for you?

Sorry for the mistake deleting the past thread… @emre if the {ORDER TAX RATE:EBT} give us the total deduction amount this could work as other items without the EBT tag won’t be affected. How can it be implemented in the deduction amount on the rules.

Could it be like [=TN(’{PAYMENT TOTAL:EBT}’-’{ORDER TAX RATE:EBT}’)]

No it can’t :slight_smile:
It can be: if customer pays %75 of ticket with EBT we’ll deduct %75 of tax. Might not be exact calculation but I think it will be nearer. How it sounds?

Or maybe better phrasing will be if customer pays %75 of EBT total we’ll deduct %75 of EBT Tax.

It becomes


What do you think about that?

@emre. Sorry if i confused you, the problem is that some items get charge 1% tax and other 6 % and when the deduction amount is not based on individual items the calculation goes wrong for the deduction. i.e. if X items has the EBT tag w / price of 10.00 and tax of 1% the total would be 10.10 and item Y has EBT tag w / price of 5…00 and tax 6% the total would be 5.30, and the total transaction 15.40 how could i remove or accredit the .40 to tax deduction account while removing it from the ticket total.

I know is confusing, and any help you can give us it’s greatly appreciated,

Again, Thanks for your patience and help.