EBT, Food Stamp support on Samba

First, Thanks to all the developing team for a great POS program, I have implemented Samba at 3 Restaurants from friends in the island of Puerto Rico. It’s been an awesome experience. far beyond any other Restaurant POS i have ever implemented in the past 25 odd years. Emre I can not express enough gratitude for your leadership and unselfishness. Now my question:

  1. Is there a possibility of implementing a transaction where if the customer pay with a goverment supply Electronic Benefit Card (EBT) or food stamp, the items authorize by such program won’t be charge a Tax, but any other transaction would be charge the corresponding Tax.

Again Great Job!!! and Thanks.!!!

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Hello @tingol, thank you very much for your kind words :blush:

I’m not familiar with such processing so I need some more information. For example if you can remove tax from whole ticket with a command button would that solve your problem?

Not really, in other programs design for the USA they have a check box that identifies them as approved products for such type of transactions, so when in the settlement screen the customer select to pay with the EBT card the taxes are removed from the items which are approved by the government. Only those products can be charged to the card and the remaining amount has to be paid by cash or other means. I truly believe this capabilities will make Samba a complete solution for small and medium size Bakery and Groceries Stores and others in the USA and Caribbean. In essence the command button will be more like a form of payment that once selected and base on the check box parameter will: 1. Remove all taxes from authorize products and calculate total amount to be charged to EBT card. Remainder amount still subject to taxes and payment to complete transaction optional between other alternatives (Cash, CC, Voucher, etc.)

Again Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide in this matter !!!

Wow. I don’t know how restaurants in Puerto Rico can handle that without using a POS system. Let me think about it for a while…

Thanks for your help. It’s greatly appreciated. And by the way if you need any help translating to Spanish I’ll be more than happy to help in any way necessary.

Do you have a case such as; half of the authorized products paid by EBT and remaining as cash? I mean does EBT cards have a limit so I can only pay some of the authorized products.

Hi Emre and thanks for your response. Yes, the government deposit x amount in the card which the user is allowed to use only for unprepared meat, juice or other comestibles, but it can’t be used for sodas or cooked meat. Once the amount given is reached the rest of the purchase amount is taxed in one way or the other.

Again, Thanks for all your help.

…so we can’t just remove taxes from all orders that suits EBT. It depends on how much customer pays with EBT.

I have another idea. Instead of removing taxes from orders we can create another calculation to decrease ticket amount by the tax amount we need to decrease. We can also store that amount under “Tax Deductions” account so you can know tax due. We can mark products as “Tax deductible” so we can know how much customer can pay with EBT card. If he pays $100 with EBT and if tax rate is %10, we can decrease $10 amount from ticket with a calculation template.

What do you think about it?

I believe it can work, can you help me implement this calculation, Any help will be appreciated.

Again Thanks a Lot Emre.

Nice! We’ll need a feature for limiting EBT payments to suited orders. I’m about to release a new update. After releasing it I’ll implement limiting feature and prepare a tutorial about it.

Great, I’ll be waiting for new release and implement the new feature. Once implemented I’ll provide feedback.

Thanks a lot for your help !!!

I’ve implemented it and I think it really works great. I hope to release it today and I’ll start preparing tutorials. Thanks.

Great I’ll be waiting for the release and giving it run. Thanks for all the hard work you put into making Samba such an Awesome software.!!


  1. Read [New 4.1.14] Custom Product Tags tutorial and implement custom Payment tag for your products and tag allowed products with EBT tag.
  2. Read [New 4.1.14] Limiting Payments by Payment Type tutorial to update allowed orders state as EBT, Create EBT payment type and configure order state filter.

While you are doing these I’ll prepare a tutorial for tax deductions here.

I will give it a try and let you know hoe it works. Thanks a lot for your help

Emre thanks again for a beautiful solution. It’s almost there just a couple more questions.

  1. How can i remove the tax amount from the Product once I select the type of payment (EBT) in my case Sodexo on your tutorial. It does’t clear the tax amount for that Product.

It’s looking amazing !!!
Thanks for all the help.

Hello. I Assume you’ve configured payment types, product tags and tax templates. On this sample I’ll assume Tax Rate is %10.

We’ll start by creating an Account for Tax Deductions.

… and the Transaction Type for tax deductions.

I’ll create a Calculation Type for Tax Deductions.

Please notice Calculation Type is Fixed Amount since we’ll update this amount dynamically. I’ve enabled Decrease Amountsetting. I’ve also enabled Include Tax setting so this calculation will work after tax calculation.

I’ll create an action to update this calculation.

… and finally the rule that handles EBT payments.


This is a special custom expression that calculates tax deduction amount. We multiply EBT payment total * 0.1 because our tax rate is %10.

Let’s see how it works.

This is a sample ticket.

EBT limit is 5,25

So when we receive 5.25 EBT Payment it deducted 0,52 tax. Since this value calculated from payment amount it will work great for partial EBT payment cases.

Finally I want to show Accounts Screen

1,42 tax applied, 0,52 deducted because of EBT payments and 0,90 Due…

Makes sense?

I’ll Implement this process now and keep you informed. As always Thanks for Your Help!!

It works like a charm !!!
Words can not express my gratitude for the hard work you do for all us. This Solution makes Samba a Force to be dealt with in my honest opinion. I’ll be promoting Samba as a real solution for a lot business locally I truly believe you will have great success in your future just for your kindness and hard work. If in any way you believe i can help I’ll be more than willing to do so. I will like to know alternatives to make Donations on behalf of my friends who are using Samba and want to express their gratitude

Again Thanks for all the help you have provided us !!!1.

You can help us for our presentation. Of course if you have time for that…