Edit Work Period Report?

Hi, how can i edit Work Period Report ?? I need a monthly ticket to give my accountant

Ticket be like:

Name of restaurant

Period (1/5/2014 to 1/06/2014)

Sales Day/ Sale (2/5/2014 cash =100€ visa=20)

Total Sales (Cash =1000€/ Visa=1000€)

is this possible¿¿??

You can print any period with the Work Period Report, but only as already laid out, that is you can’t change the layout of the WPR.
Your other option is to Export the sales data for the month. This can then be manipulated in excel by your accountant.

thought that we can edit the period report cause i don’t like default format…:(, then how can i export data?? i need daily and monthly sales and change the language cause is on english…

In Reports you can use CSV Builder. It’s the last option.