Editor widget not saving data on cashup entity

i made a cashup entity from this tutorial Entity screen cashup widgets not working after update - #22 by Jesse

im getting this error when trying to save the editor widget, dont know waht im doing wrong

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Change your syntax to {LOCAL SETTING: instead of {SETTING:

tried that and the error still showing

If you change the Local setting name (add an X behind the 200), will it save?

Did you use that as a global setting somewhere? Use mssms to find the ProgramSettingsValues table and see if that exists.if it does you can’t use that setting try renaming it or find where your using it as global setting and delete it if you are not using it.

tried changing it to LOCAL SETTING:Local CO Set Value Count 200 …i was able to save it

Whats the difference of naming it {LOCAL SETTING:X} and leaving it as {SETTING:X}

One is local one is global.

Local is in memory for that terminal only. Global is written to the database in ProgramSettingValues table.

so if i have to mmake cashup for each terminal then my setting must be {LOCAL SETTING:X} then if its for all Terminals i must use {GLOBAL SETTING:X}

Editor widget works with local settings.

Wow this shit is beautiful you have time to. Send tutorial its

There is one by qmckay you can look up. He modified that one it looks like.

Or the Rickh one.

is there a way i can clear Editor widgets to Zero when i start a new work period, i tried Refresh Widgets and set widget value but cant seem to reset to zero

Yes you delete the local setting or restart Sambapos.

You can use update setting action to delete a local setting. Or set it to 0

I’ve tried this one.
This is effective.