Editor Widget Value Restore



Currently i am trying Editor Widget to enter float value, its working fine as its store data in settings. But when i close the entity screen and reopen it again editor widget show blank.

Is it possible to show editor widget value all the time ? or it will be always reset to blank ?
because i wanted to show last entered value.

I know i can use Label widget or Button to show last value but this are the alternative for me currently.



Not done a float screen but is there a default value field?
You will want to load the program settings into the fields in some way like that I expect.


I remember I solved some related issue on 5.1.62. If you didn’t do so updating SambaPOS may help.


dont use any automation, just use the widgets local settings and it will store the value and keep it there, i had the same issue until emre made some updates for .62


@emre I am using latest version 5.1.62 and my settings are like below :-

How can i show last value i put in program settings in same editor widget?


Setup a local setting name to store the value.


@emre is there a reason it has to be a local setting? Working no something that uses global setting.


Yes. As global settings does not have a update cache for obvious reasons it generates a lot of network traffic to be able to sync editor values. Editing settings locally and updating global settings with a separate “save” function is a better practice. You can see how it works on reservation setup.