Eftpos integration

Have you guys found a solution for integrating eftpos into sambapos for direct eftpos payments rather than manually punching them into the terminal itself? I saw in the forums there were several mentions regarding this but no particular update on them yet. My guess is, it has yet to be integrated?

:mag: I will refer to Version 5 since we all know Version 4 did not have this capability and no more features will be added to Version 4.

Well its kind of hard to answer that. There are several ways to look at this.

  1. Does SambaPOS5 have the ability to just connect and a eftpos solution work. Answer is: No
  2. Can SambaPOS5 have capability for this to work. Answer is: It is probable

The problem with #1 is not everyone needs nor wants the same service and there is a ton of services out there so instead of restricting it to work with specific service wouldn’t it be better to find a more future proof way for these type of integration to work?

About #2 well there are several HTTP driven solutions out there that provide some sort of request system that can probably be driven through SambaPOS5 very powerful scripting capabilities. The issue is that nobody has shown any real interest to attempt to make it work yet. Overall the interest in this seems to be a few posts separated by almost half a year between them and if you count them all up the interest in it seems dismal.

Bottom line is we the community need to push more for it and brainstorm more possibilities for this to work. Lets help @emre by researching, studying, and providing solution possibilities.

I want to define what I mean by interest. Of course many people are interested in it when it is mentioned but REAL business critical interest doesn’t seem to be as large. I mean I have not seen very many posts about it at all. Like everything that can and probably will change.

@Shivan I hope I have answered some of your thoughts on this. Certainly its something that is in the works We just need to make it a priority as a community to speed it along.

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My personal thought on this is I would LOVE to have this capability and its pretty standard in the USA where I live, however I get by just fine with an external card reader from a provider that charges very small fee. I will certainly use it when its available but its not a priority for me.

@kendash I figured as much. Yeah I’m personally looking into this. I’m researching a lot as here in Australia, having that feature is almost close to non existent in the food industry unless your like a medium size to large company/business. Almost all major retail and food markets/stores have them integrated, through a gateway. I know there is a piece of software in which you connect your eftpos terminal too,(Called PC-Eftpos) and it has a configuration which is similar to how a printer is installed and tested. This gave me a thought that maybe we could integrate a customer printer and assign the driver to it, then the only thing really left knowing is how to know the codes which push the numbers into the eftpos machine. Once that is figured, it would then require a lot of automation and limitations, but essentially it seems possible after v5 release.

I mean Samba been this powerful, especially with this type of community, I’m sure we could make something happen. I’ll keep you posted on updated regarding this as i experiment further. May need some assistance down the track but overall once I know the gist of the coding part, the rest would just be integrating it into samba via local HTTP? Am I making sense?

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Yes and you may have figured out but just in case. I may have just read it wrong.

V5 is released you were aware right?

PS: I apologize if i read that wrong.

Yes I know, by that quote I mean after the release of v5, it seems like a closer possibility then before. sorry for the wrong sentencing structure. I sometimes fall into the habit of writing words back in the old school roman times(Referenced back to Spartacus show haha)

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HAHA i was afraid of that. No it was not you, I simply read it wrong. We released it not long ago I just wanted to make sure you knew.

I was over the moon :stuck_out_tongue:. If anything arises from my research, I’ll let you guys know :smile:.

You might want to look at this: https://www.eway.com.au/smartpos. With their SmartPOS card reader it links to iOS or Android device via an app. I didn’t go deep into it, but if you check you can see there are a few third party integrations possible with the app (for Xero accounting, Shopify, Salesforce). I am not sure if those require cooresponding apps installed on the device as well, however you might be able to build something around this if it works by an API over HTTP.

For example:

  1. SambaPOS sends payment request to API (i.e. collect payment for $10.00)
  2. eWay SmartPOS app gets request, then payment made via card reader
  3. eWay SmartPOS app sends result back via API over HTTP to SambaPOS, which then handles accept / decline response.

That of course is very high level. I have not used eWay before but I have met and spoken with a number of their staff who are quite approachable. You might want to discuss with them what you are trying to do and they might even be willing to put some resources to assist with a SambaPOS integration if they can see the potential there. I know they have written their own plugins for some ecommerce platforms, and I also see they have integration already with some other POS software (although if those POS software are web based it will be a lot easier to integrate). eWay also operate in a number of countries including the UK and a few countries in Asia, so it might be beneficial to them.

Also, on another point, for businesses in the UK and Ireland, Sage Pay might have a possible solution: http://www.sagepay.co.uk/our-payment-solutions/face-to-face-payments/epos-solutions. They have 3 different ways to connect for their POS integration.

My company in the UK is actually an official Sage Pay partner (we do ecommerce websites so integrate with their payment gateway) so I will also see if there is anything can be done when I have time, as it is something I have been meaning to look into for V5.

Yes it would be good if its possible as a POS software , most of these comes with POS LINK here in NZ there are few options 1.Integrated Eftpos built inside POS 2. Pos link A.One Way which sends transaction amount when u click credit card to terminal so no need to enter manually it saves time and erroe less. B. two way whih sends amount to terminal get back to POS with Accepted/Declined Message then till opens here is the link http://eftpos.co.nz/poslink .

I’m currently researching this a lot. I have an idea which I want to implement and see how it works. First and foremost, I need to get my hands on an actual terminal from a bank. Once I do this, then I will see how well API’s work with samba and eventually I might have a solution. Once I do, I’ll let you guys know.

@markjw There are two companies that I know of(which are directly linked to one another) which provide API’s and SDK’s of their terminal and back end system for testing and developing purposes. I’m looking into these, But I have minimal knowledge on coding, I understand the lines and what they do, but to implement and integrate is where my knowledge lacks. I did look at them also, I believe to integrate this through HTTP API it’s possible using gateways. This may have a cost here and there to set up but it’s possible with v5.

However I’m working on a way which doesn’t require Samba to use internet for it to work, but only send a message back and forth like you mentioned to the terminal, and have the terminal be directly connected to its domain. Though in saying that, maybe a lot of users wouldn’t mind using an online gateway solutions

UPDATE: I just purchased a sample Eftpos unit with code and software that also has an SDK, Im waiting for it to arrive so that I can start fiddling with it, but the more I get into it, the more I’m thinking it really shouldn’t be that hard to do, the software that comes just needs to be integrated as an API and have some action and commands to fire for it to work. Very close guys, very close.

Can think of several people including myself which would be interested in the outcome… keep us posted.

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UPDATE: Alright just to clarify, I managed to get the REST API in their SDK kit which came when I purchased the eftpos terminal, however after some research, I realised that before I’m able to use the eftpos facility, here in Australia eftpos needs to have some sort of security protocol integrated with it such as SSL or even a firewall attached to it with some addition security features. Once this is done, it also needs to be officially certified before been allowed to use it. Our team spoke to EFTPOS Australia, and apparently they are working on this solution with only a small hand full of closed beta testers(IE Coles Supermarket and Target and a few others).

I will continue to work on the integration till its 100% working, provide a solution and post it here so that others from different countries can use it to integrate if EFTPOS has already made that feature compliant with country laws and security policies, however I will be working more closely with integrating credit card, debit card through gateway solutions(similar to @Jesse integrating PayPal via API)

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@mark I looked at eWay and I found they have that service for credit card and debit card solutions but not eftpos. Eftpos haven’t provided a direct secured gateway for Eftpos purchases like Credit and Debit cards, which means really the solution through eWay only works for for Credit and Debit card. But I’m definitely looking at them for that solution also

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Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Let us know if we need to help you implement something.

Hi Shivan,

I was wondering if you have come any closer to have the eftpos integration working? I’m eager to have it setup too :slight_smile:

I think we may see something in v6 but right now there is no eta it’s barely even been discussed.

Hey guys, I haven’t been able to update in regards to the integration, as I’ve had many clients since that time and I’m pretty much lone wolf right now haha. Got a lot on the plate that I have to clear first before I can venture further into it. But in saying that, in the next few weeks I will have more time to look at it, and I’ll update accordingly :smiley:

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