Electronic invoice


Hello everyone and happy new year. In Italy this year a new law comes into force regulating the receipts we named “Fatture”. In a nutshell: you have to send an xml file to an external client, in my case Aruba. How can I create a file containing this basic information, which is in the xml that is provided by the state. Example, In figure 1 there is a templeate screen which, being red, will not be printed. That said, in the field “PECDestinatario” (and all the other fields) I have to enter values that I already normally have in my printout of the receipt.

( https://www.fatturapa.gov.it/export/fatturazione/sdi/fatturapa/v1.2/IT01234567890_FPR02.xml )

This is the basic file we need to modify and then send back to the state. Does anyone have any ideas?


Use data export feature to export to xml


Thank you so much it works


But there is a problem, can I insert in some way these fields that I need in the export date?


You can but it needs to use report syntax. It may not be exactly like that.


ok, I understand, I’m looking for another solution then


Hi everyone. I have not yet been able to solve. But I think exporting to excel should be able to send this damn bill. My question is, with what format can I export a single order? To be clear, as if it were a normal receipt, but exported and not printed job.


If its export it will be a report expression.
Something like {REPORT TICKET DETAILS: but you will need to input/parse a variable for the ticket id/no which will be a ‘constraint’ on the report expression.