Email EOD(End of Day) Report Not sending

That’s not how you use it, in the auto command name in your delay action type Send Email and set the delay to 1 for 1 second

Then remove the test email action and save that rule

Now create a new auto command executed rule
Add constraint for auto command equal Send Email

Then add your test email action

That should work, if not set the delay number higher in the other rule as it may take longer than 1 second to complete process before then sending the email command


Thanks Rickh. Let me check it

@RickH Thanks Brother. Its working now .

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It has nothing to do with that and he resolved it thanks.

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Hi ,it is working with gmail . Thanks

For next update I added Command Name and Command Value parameters to Save Report to File action so it can execute the command after report gets saved.

Being able to set multiple parameters feature used here so to read these values we can use [:File] and [:Email] parameters from the rule that handles Send Email command.


The email keeps popping the retry error can i get a clarification on the above

Show your rule that sends the email.

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Solved it thanks to this had to read it twice :slight_smile: