Email Reports Error(Can not access File)

Did anyone face this message? It happens when I end Work Period and is to send mail of reports.
Started happening when I update SambaPOS version. Test on 3 different PCs and different database same error.
Any help will be appreciated.

It could be samba can’t access that folder try saving to a different area

Or there are other processes that haven’t finished when your trying to send an email so create an auto command delay to send the email

See last post here

Thanks so much, though I have used the Retry Minutes in my Action.

Its more likely the file creation rather that the email.
Do you have the report file open?

No file not open in any process or window

OK, so without seeing what you have configured its very hard to say.
Show your automation you setup for creating and sending the report.

I would guess it is still creating the file then maybe when email is getting sent if they are in single rule in succession like that.
You will probably want to split the rule so the first part crates the file then an execute automation command with background=true/delay time then triggers a seccond rule which emails then to allow time for report to run and file be created before then trying to send them.

Alright, let me try that will update you @JTRTech how it goes.