Employee Numbers and Employee Food menu

I need to create specific Employees (Entities?) and assign them login numbers/ids, as well as create an Employee shift menu with discounted prices. I’ve found some helpful information on the forum but nothing that directly gives me a walk through.

We currently have a Bar Manager login, but we also need the Admin to have access to all Employee accounts and orders of both the bar admin and all employees.

Most of the menu, inventory, and entities have already been setup by another employee who is now gone, and I do not want to alter anything accidentally to the detriment of usability.

That will make it hard for us to suggest something specific for your needs. I highly recommend you run a backup on the database and experiment with tutorials.

Understood. We would like for each employee to have their own login and use this to ring in their tables, and their own employee food.

However, if this is not possible with the current configuration, would it be possible to create a separate discounted Employee menu and create an Employee account that each employee must ring their food under?

Why don’t you just give Employees a discount on all or specific food items on the standard menu? Should be a lot easier to setup.

If you had employee entities they could have individual accounts easily enough and as for discounted menu if it’s the same menu you could sort a price list setup, if not use a discount calculation then charge to entity account?
A seperate menu could be done but likely means duplicate products if they are similar to normal menu items making admin/updates more time consuming.
You didn’t mention your employee discount type?
If a fixed % an automated discount would Lilly be easier, if product dependent a price list method would likely be better.

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Yes that sounds great. We want simple and easy but also accurate and efficient, which often times don’t go hand in hand.
An entity account would allow each employee to ring in their own food and for admin to track what is going on their account each week/month?

It is the same menu as our regular menu, but the employee discounts would be a blend of comped and discounted. For instance, our employees get 1 free meal per shift, 1 premium beer per week, plus a discount off the beers we distribute. Therefore, we need both the Comp to $0 and the Discount button for food and beers. I’m not sure the best way to set this up.

At the moment we have a “OWNER” button that is on the left hand tile menu and we use to comp items. Could we also create specific employee buttons (i.e. Angela, Michael, etc) that could comp food and beer? Is it possible that we could also use this button for discounting beer as well?

We are very open to any options that will work the best for us!

Ok well that becomes allot more complex when you throw in limits like per day and per week.
Simplest solution is manager autos to come/discount/price change.
For something they ring in themselves you need to start logging that it’s been claimed and reset on work period end…
It’s all doable but becomes complex for you to setup pretty fast.
You wouldn’t need per employee buttons as can use entities to link tickets to entity and log useage with custom fields etc

Its not hard to set per day constraints. But it depends on how he sets this up. I mean we can easily set constraints on rules to only run specific days or hours.

Sorry I think I made it more complicated than necessary! We don’t need the buttons to monitor the times per week/day, etc. That will be monitored by the Employees themselves, and by management when we review the Employee Entity account each week and month.

We just need the buttons to have the correct functionality to allow us to do all this.

I think Entity is the way to go for us, I just need some practical help and knowledge in how to set these up.

Can someone tell me where to find the configuration or tutorial for setting up Employees as entities? I’m having trouble figuring out what fields actually need to be populated.

Can you elaborate as not sure there is one for what I expect your meaning.
Entities and users that is are not yet intertwined and any talk about that is through customisation.
Closest you will find is the TimeTrex setup by kendash which last I remember didn’t use the login screen but a custom screen and used entity rather than user (session was a single user for everyone but entity logged separation by users).
Not API is developing there have been talks about using user and entity in tandem via scripts to create both forms single flow but that was in beta forum I think.