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Do you also plan to add the employee time tracking? It is another cost for restaurants. Eıther get a device or use online time tracking websites. Even it is a paid module, that would be great addition to the software.

@socoburgers, I am anxiously waiting for features above as well. They will make SambaPOS a complete POS.

In the mean time, you can download a third party time clock application. I personally use http://www.timeclockmts.com/shop.htm for one PC. Works every well for our staff.

Map F12 button to open this application for employees to clock-in.

Google “map function key to application”


opps… so we don’t have clock in and out for employee right now?and a summary of list of time of active employer and working duration on the admin site etc…

I have found Picture TimeClock which is free and suffice for regular use. (just for sharing)

“TBD” is frustrating. As a developer myself I know how annoying it is when customers press for a time frame. But the truth is that without CC integration, Samba is impossible to recommend in the US, which is a fairly large market.

Are there any posts/docs on integrating an external app time clock and CC processor that can be accessed on other workstations? If CCs can only be swiped at one location it creates a bottleneck and interrupts the service flow.

@BSDguru, you are right, and it is frustrating, but the truth is that no one gets paid to develop and support SambaPOS, and these features have been listed in the projects, and would have been developed if the fund raising campaign had been success to create a team of developers to fast track the projects.

Credit Card integration has been a big request from US users, and back in V2, one user had actually developed the code himself.

The other side to this is that it only seems to be the US (and possibly Canada) that are allowed to use integrated Credit Card processing. By that I mean, card swipe on the POS terminal and the software processes the transaction via the internet, or dial up modem.
In many countries like Australia, we can only use approved EFTPOS terminals to process Credit Card payments. Yes we can connect the POS Terminal to the EFTPOS terminal to send total amount and get back the receipt to print, but that is it. Terminal integrated Credit Card processing is dangerous as a POS terminal can be compromised and customer Credit Card details can be stolen. For this reason alone, that is why integration is not allowed in some countries.

Besides that each country has their own EFTPOS solutions, so a generic solution is somewhat hard.

Soon, I will be looking at EFTPOS connectivity again for SambaPOS, but the development we will need to cover all of the major banks here will cost AUD$1000 for the development kit, and for every release of SambaPOS, it will need to be verified before it can be used.

Perhaps you’re thinking about it backwards. Make it a paid option, $10. You’ll sell 1000s of them.

We have only just introduced SambaMarket.com, so yes it would be a paid option, but it still takes funds to develop.

A chicken/egg problem Without CC processing, many can’t use or consider it, or even take the time to look at it. It’s a daunting task to evaluate the 300 POS systems on the market.

Some systems have an “external” option; it would likely be easier to do that in the interim.

Frankly I don’t care if the POS has the CC processing embedded in the program itself. But there has to be a clean way to pop open a window, scan the card and then mark the ticket as paid.

Your right, some people will not consider SambaPOS because it doesn’t have CC processing, but the fact is that SambaPOS has an international user base already. We have users from all around the world using SambaPOS V2, V3 & V4. The US is just one of hundreds of countries.

An external option still needs integration into the payment workflow.

CC Processing will happen in due time.

Yes, but we have more entrepreneurs here than anywhere else. And entrepreneurs need POS systems. Just seems a pity; its a very good product. Better than most others I’ve looked at. Just a couple of features away.

I dont see that CC integration is a must. Most countries have propietary POSNET systems, and integration is not possible unless you apply and certify… even worst… in most cases, people are lazy and the waiter goes with a wireless machine to the table and does the CC processing… imagine having to carry the POS system to the table, or even worst, loosing clients becuase you dont have wireless machines…

so… i think that CC integration is not a must…


Credit Card integration is a must for North America for a POS to be successful. I can attest that 75%-85% of our transactions are done using Credit Cards.

Credit Card integration can be implemented using API.

Most systems do not store Credit Card data. Transactions are done based on tokenization.

OK. We’ve talked this issue with @Armetrix in detail and they’ve contacted me to a US payment processing company. That company have a web based integration solution and there is no security issue with that. I’ll integrate it to SambaPOS but before doing it I needed to finish SambaMarket and external payment processing feature. SambaMarket finished and I’ll implement external processing and integration. I hope to complete that sometime before end of this month. After doing it we can integrate EFT POS for other markets and if needed we can implement solutions for other markets too.

Sorry for not releasing such essential features faster but I believe I’ll find a way to form the team to make things faster and better.

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@na1978 tokenization does not solve the security issue. As you swipe credit card, the number stored in POS memory until you receive transaction token. Most malware can monitor POS memory to detect credit card numbers. Using encrypted card readers is a solution but these hardware are company specific.

Too little POS software (especially open source ones) care about this issue. Like @JohnS stated it already implemented for SambaPOS V2 but we decided not to release it. We’ll start with a web based solution and after releasing it we’ll start implementing encrypted card readers.

As Emre indicated we have been working closely with them for Credit Card integration with one of the US credit card processors. That said, we continue to believe that SambaPOS is by far the best POS solution we’ve seen in years. It is a solution which has a solid framework using a common sense approach which make sit extremely powerful for the end user. As it is being developed there are a few small issues but they get resolved quickly and efficiently. The approach Emre and his team are taking to the specific task of credit card processing may take a little more time but there’s one thing we are certain of and that is once the solution has been implemented it will be solid.


Hello Socoburgers,

Still, are you looking for employee time tracking tool?

We have been using Replicon’s time card app to track employees’ time and schedule. It has good user-interface and quite easy to implement and hassle free.

They also offer other modules including time-off scheduling, custom reporting, iPhone timesheet, time clock integration with quickbooks, etc. They are providing a free trial option so you can test it before making a purchase. So give a try and see whether it fits you. Here’s the link for your reference - http://www.replicon.com/olp/timecard-software.aspx[quote=“socoburgers, post:10, topic:575, full:true”]
Do you also plan to add the employee time tracking? It is another cost for restaurants. Eıther get a device or use online time tracking websites. Even it is a paid module, that would be great addition to the software.

I second the need for a CC processing module. I would also like to see timecards and the ability to transfer the ownership (or creation) of tickets/tables between users.

Thank you,

You can do everything but cc processing now. Search for time clock and waiters tables.

I can see that CC posts here are a bit old. Any recent news? I’m interested in this feature, anyway, can a web option be done through the URL printer? How can we interact (receive messages) in samba pos?

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Thanks @kendash. I found your tutorial on Time Clock: Time Clock: Linked to SambaPOS Users with Custom Reports

But I didn’t see any specific tutorial on table waiters. I do come across a post by @QMcKay: Table transfer between waiters

I see creating and assigning an entity to the ticket we can do this, but how would we transfer the entity to another “waiter” if need be? Or maybe I found the wrong post.

Thanks for the help!

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