Empty ticket created after ticket closing?

I have changed the ticket closing flow to keep paid tickets open according to the post below.

The purpose is to keep GloriaFood paid tickets open.
But a new empty ticket (no entity, no item) is created after we close some tickets, randomly.
Once we are in the emtpy ticket, we can not get out of it (Close button not working) unless logout.
In other time, it close the tickets properly and return to the entity screen.
See pictures below.

Hope your advice to solve the problem.
Let me know if you need see more screenshots.

This is an example of the the emtpy ticket.

Only one department with “select entity” chosen

These are the entity screens

This the entity screen to display the tickets in a ticket list. It goes back here if the ticket is closed properly.

Can you post screen shots of the rules you added and changed?
Also, do you have different Ticket Types?

I will do the screenshots tomorrow. The Restaurant is pretty busy today. sorry for the delay.

It sounds like another automation you have built may be interfering with this.

We have 4 ticket types, 2 for takeaway, 2 for dine-in

See following screenshots for rules “before ticket closing”. Let me know if we need screenshots in other sections.

Sorry for the delay to provide the screenshots.
Any advice is welcome.

Any update on this?
i have followed the same procedure. Everything works fine.
But in one case, the table colour is not changing.
I open the entity → Take the order → instead of closing i settle it. (For Self Service Counter)
But the entity colour doesnt change to orange.
@Jesse Can u suggest any idea?

Sounds like normal behaviour so something missed in customisation if your wanting it to stay orange after ticket paid and closed.

Yes. I want it to remain orange when i settle. Because when the order is ready i open that and i have an automation command called close ticket. Till that i want it to remain orange.

Currently after taking order, if i click close button it remains orange.
And this is perfect in case of table orders. Like we take order and close it. But my case is a bit different.

The process that closes and marks paid and makes table available is close ticket event with 0 balance, you need to interrupt the flow of you want a paid ticket to remain open.

Yes. I have done that and it works perfectly. The only problem is the color. When i click close button the color changes to orange. And after that when i settle also it remains orange. It is perfect.
The only problem is when i click settle directly without closing the ticket. The color is not changing. But the ticket is open. Since it is not changing the color it if difficult to identify it.

Would need to check, but look to see where entity state is getting updated?
Orange is not just that there is an open ticket on entity, its based on an entity state set as part of automation.
Sounds like your customisations while have allowed to keep paid ticket open has a hole in that entity state not being set when directly settled.

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The color orange is when a ticket Entity is in the Occupied state. That state is reset to Available when a ticket is paid out. You need to modify it so when you pay a ticket it doesnt changed the entity state to Available. Instead you should make it mark Entity State to Available only when you press your button to mark closed.

Table Button colors are Entity States NOT Ticket States.

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This worked. Thanks @Jesse

Thanks @JTRTech Cleared it. It was a mistake in setting the state name for entity color changing rule.