Emre Eren 1976 - ∞


I’m so sorry, I’ve just got the shocked news by email. May Emre rest in peace, I as a noob always feel confident thanks to Emre’s kindness and open knowledge. This is such a big loss.


R.I.P Emre. My condolonces to those loved ones.


ALLAH rahmet eylesin. O kadar güzel şeyler yazmıssınız inanın imrendim kendisine… ruhu şad olsun


RIP Emre. Condolences to the bereaved family, friends and SambaPOS community from Team SMG. We did not had a chance to meet him, but we did interact with him on the forum and mail communication. We shall surely miss him.


This is very sad news, Emre has always been very helpful to me over the years, he always tried his best to help others and his passion for SambaPOS was second to none. He was very open minded to the SambaPOS community and always did his best to help us with our setups.

Rest in Peace Emre!

@Tayfun gecmis olsun kardesim, çok üzüldüm gerçekten, Emre’yi cok guzel anlatmissin. Allah mekanini cennet eylesin ve ailesinin ve dostlarinin basi sag olsun.



No way :cry::cry::cry:. I’m deeply saddened by this news. He was extremely kind person and always helped out with any technical matters since joining the forum back in 2014. Will never forget Emre. My condolences to you and his family. RIP


Very sad news. May his gentle soul rest on peace. He has gone to a better place.


Very sad to see this news
Emre will always be with us through SAMBA

He spends so much of his energy to Samba POS and I have never seen any of the POS System or people have come closer to his thoughts

My deep condolences to you and his family


Guys I was going through my email list today and just seen an 4 paragraph email from Emre about future plans and asking for my help in the states. I wrote a very long email back to him but never sent it as I hadn’t thought I said enough and wanted to revise it. It was such an honor being asked to work alongside such a great icon. I never got a chance to send that email but now I’m sure he’ll see it from above.

I dream of a very beautiful future for sambapos in the states being deployed in his great honor.


Only just saw this post, completely shocked to read this.

Emre helped me personally so many times over the years with patience and kindness, I was amazed how he was able to treat every new user like the most important person in the world despite being asked the same mind numbing questions over and over.

Truly good software is a work of art and passion and is why i love working with his product. Other software may be more shiny but to date every weird and random thing i have wanted to achieve has been possible due to this community but mainly due to the systems Emre put in place to ensure that his creation became something so much more then himself.

It’s a great loss and i wish all the best for his family friends and the lucky people that got to work with him every day.


So sad news.
My condolences to his family and his friends.
Gentle, clean mind, generous,helpfull, patient are words that are coming to my mind when thinking of him.
RIP Emre.


R.I.P Emre. My condolences to those loved ones. Cant really believe it. Everyone needs to remember life is really that short.

He would help you, would be missed, shocked!


I am so heart broken, i never thought he could untimely exit from us like that,but God’s will surpasses human or natural understanding .May his soul RIP