End Of Day Cashup and Reconcile Cash Drawer

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Continuing the discussion from Enter Begin Cash and Reconcile Cash Drawer:

This counting/cashup and reconcile tool looks amazing, did anyone manage to every finish this and if so does anyone know if there is a database file or tutorial to use it?

Not yet, however I think there are many people thinking the same as you!

For the moment, you can do a basic setup for till float / cash up like this:

What was your issue with the gift certificates? That is already possible in both V4 and V5.

Hi Mark, That’s a shame because it really looks amazing. It would be such a powerful feature. If someone could share a sample I’d be happy to write a build tutorial in return. Gift certs I think we have it nailed now. It was about needing to allow staff to be bought a drink and for them to receive a voucher as that drink. We’re going to just use a barcoded gift voucher for staff to add at the price equivalent of the purchased drink. The only bit I’ve not yet found is how to prevent a voucher purchase from being given change.
RE Ricks tutorial thanks for the link - we are using multi cash drawers and multi departments (Tracking 2 Till Cash and Shifts) so I need to try and get my head around how thats affected.

Those setups were built using various entity screen widgets. Stop waiting for someone to build it and start experimenting and trying to do it. You might find its not that hard.

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Couple suggestions.

You could use the Add Limit Payment Processor along with {REMAINING TOTAL} for the max amount. That will stop you being able to settle more than the total due for the specific payment type.

Or if you would rather stop there being change on the transaction and instead log that change amount into an account, you could follow this for credit card tips (the first shows how to do the account and second how to get the confirmation working properly in V5).

In your case, you could just skip the confirmation and put the “change” into the “CC Tip” account (rename as you wish). Then, you probably don’t want it showing to the customer, so you just hide the “CC Tip” discount on the receipt like this:

-- Nothing will print for CC Tip

Then instead of your receipt showing

TOTAL:              4.52
Tendered:           5.00
Change:             0.48

It will show like this:

TOTAL:              4.52
Tendered:           5.00
Change:             0.00

[quote=“markjw, post:5, topic:9901”]
You could use the Add Limit Payment Processor along with {REMAINING TOTAL} for the max amount.[/quote] Perfect thanks Mark, that will do nicely :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice and ultimately that may be what I have to try. Unfortunately for those of us with very limited experience of SambaPOS I think it will be quite a challenge ;-). I was just hoping that @RickH could share a DB backup so I could see the nuts and bolts, in which case I’d probably be able to reverse engineer and share a tutorial with the forum.

When Rickh built his it was brand new features he was in the dark just like you. He just experimented and worked it until he got what he wanted. He asked questions when he got stuck.

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Yet, I do think we can all learn from one another and pass along what we have learned. If every person is tasked with designing and developing every feature, progress of the software will be really slow and not get a chance to evolve. What makes open source software so advance is the idea that many people are working on many different areas. If each person needs to work on every area, it really defeats the purpose of open source development.

I agree completely, however due to product keys and activations we do not share databases anymore. His setup requires a lot of tedius work that would take a very long time to document and since he has business to run i can understand the reluctance to share that.

I posted a DB Tools file for mine here:

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