End of day report adjustment cost

hellow samba pos, i will like to know how to make an end of day report that crosses the difference of the adjustament with prediction inventory.

let me explain myself, when a user adjust the current inventory with the inventory prediction that value is the difference between both of them, i will like a report that tells me the cost of that difference, basically a report that tells me the cost of that adjustment either positive or negative value.

Your post on another Topic contains the information you need…

mmm it doesnt seem to be the metric im searching for…
if ive got 10 waters with X cost at the end of the day and my admin adjust the current inventory to 8 waters, the difference between 10 and 8 its 2 i will like if possible a report that tells tells me the COST of that difference 2 waters multiples by X cost.

in other words the cost of THAT adjustment.

So that’s just purchase price *2. But what if you pay different prices? Gets interesting now…

:thinking: it could use the purchase price of the LAST bought maybe.

or…i dont know hehe :frowning: do you think it will be possible to find out that metric somehow?

Anything is possible but it won’t just be given to you out of blue. You need to decide how you want it then use tools available to build it.

Do you need this info for specific reason? Most people use averages for that.

but by build it you mean a custom development or what? i just want plain text field that supports that adjustment.

what tools are you talking ? graphQL? QMX? or what tools?

Well it’s obvious you can’t have that. So your going to have to think a little and by tools I mean automation, reports, scripting, any of the tools we have to build features.

Me personally I would probably lean towards some kind of task based system using the Tasks feature and custom reports.

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There is also {REPORT COST DETAILS:X} which will give you the Cost of a Product based on the related Inventory Items for the Product.

You will probably need to use both Cost and Consumption Reporting Tags and [=expression] formulas to compute the values you are looking for.

You can subtract the Physical Inventory (End of Day adjustment amounts) from the Consumption (Sold Items) from the Added quantity (Purchased Items) to get the difference between Predicted Inventory (consumption) and Physical Inventory (adjustments). Then multiply that by the Cost.

You can do very complex things with Reports and combinations of different Report Tags.

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