Enlarge Pictures

I have had tried with several sizes ( pixels ) to be able to see the image better. But what ever I do, it keeps going the same size.

Would be great if you could help me out.

Thank you very much in advance.


EDIT: I just realised your question was for V4 but I have used V5 in screenshots below. It is the same process, only difference is the auto size (button height set to 0) is a V5 feature so you can just disregard that, it isn’t relevant to your case anyway. I updated below to highlight this.

You need to change the button sizes.

Go to Manage > Products > Menu List. Click your menu, then Edit Menu.

Select a category, then click Edit Category

In the Property Editor, change the Button Height value to change the button height. This will affect all buttons in that category. (In V5, when it is set to 0, the height is automatic based on the number of items in the category. Note V4 does not have the auto size feature.) You will need to experiment with different values until you get the desired layout.

Once you are happy with it for one category, you can click on Edit All Categories and change the Button Height to all categories at one time.

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I beleive it will enlarge to fill the button height and width.
For example a tall narrow image will enlarge to fill width meaning top and bottom will be ‘off screen/button’
A short wide picture will fill height pushing left and right off the button.
Depends on your menu layout.
If you want best most consistent use with pictures would recommend setting a column count and button height (v5 moreso) as you will then have a fixed height to width ratio.
Your image looks to be perhaps a 3:1 ratio of width to height.
If your images are square (1:1 or 3:3 - same thing but trying to explain clearly. you will be loosing 1/3 off the top and bottom.
You could increase button height to a more compatible ratio or increase column count to

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Thank you very much both of you. It helped very much :slight_smile: