Entering qty of the item in order

Hello there.

Is there a way to manually input the qty of the line item, rather than selecting the same item again if I want that two times?

that means there will be extra field for qty on menu screen

You can use the number pad on keyboard then press item or use the numbers on screen then press item. You can also use the + and - button when you click on the order after adding it.

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thanks @Jesse again

that was linked to the questions you asked on using barcode number to take order.

the ultimate goal is to use keyboard to input most of the order.

can you suggest something that will work on this requirement ?

The number input accepts quantity and barcode at the same time, separated by ‘x’ (default multiplier symbol).

So if you want 3 of barcode 12345, you could use your keyboard to do:


If needed, the quantity multiplier symbol can be changed to be something else other than ‘x’ in:

Manage > Settings > Program Settings > Barcode > Quantity Separators

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@Jesse thank you do much !

is there a way to do 12345 x 3
so the product code will be enter first ?

I don’t think that is possible

How are you entering the barcode?
If your manual or you disable carrage return on scanner and go for custom numberpad entered rule with a script to parse your arrangemen with X after barcode. It might be easier to shifty barcode into a custom product tag rather than the built in barcode field as give additional options over barcode.


thanks kendash and JTRTech

The main purpose is to use a key after each item number to be the modifier, like for more than one of the same item

key strokes would be like this for 2 x special curry

I hope it makes sense ?

It does and my sugestion stands, but you would need a couple of scripts, one to split the numberpad input on the X into barcode and quantity and a second to return the product name based on the barcode which is then used on an add order action for the quantity and the product name.

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great suggestion @JTRTech

can you point me to the right page to read on the script ?



Sure someone did something along similar lines a while back but can’t find it, not at PC to offer example.