Entities not updating on Custom Entity Screen

Slight problem, as the screen isn’t updating.

I put my little Party Booking script over yesterday for them to add their booked Parties. Unfortunately, they didn’t fill out fields and times were added in different formats.

I made dropdown boxes now so they are always in the same format, editied the ones already done, but they wont change on the entity screen?

I’m about to start creating an api script so that there are auto buttons that can allow users to change the times and dates (as these are the names of the entities) but worried that if they do, itll not change it on the entity screen?

After changing the time formats and adding child names, this is the screen still?

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Here is my script to format the cells:

<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 300>{ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:Childs Name}</block><font calibri><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 60><color #FFF79646>{ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:Age Of Child}</color></block></font><font calibri><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 100><color #FFF79646>£{ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:Paid Deposit}</color></block></font><font calibri><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 150><color #FF8064A2>{ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:Date}</color></block></font><font calibri><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 150><color #AA00FF00>{ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:Time Slot} </color></block></font>
<J><block 1,0,0,0 #5ffffff center 780><color Red>{ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:Name Of Parent}: {ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:Phone Number}      e-mail: {ENTITY DATA:Birthday Party:email}</color></block>

Or is it a case where the entity screen created those blocks, and its those blocks that need editing in the database?



I assume that is a Ticket Lister Widget. The Entity values should update, however, it might just be a case of caching since you probably updated the data manually by editing the Entity rather than updating the Entity via the Ticket.

Logoff and Logon to see if the screen changes.

Or select one of those Tickets to open the Ticket screen, then close the Ticket… that could work too.

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I tried a database refresh and it didn’t work?

Let me try again a different way as you said cache

No suggestions worked.

Used an update widget action

Clear cache action

Logged out and back in

CLOSED samba and reopened and still nil point

Weird eh cos I scrawled through the database just to check and nothing I could see put an individual piece of code for themselves to their own individual format.


So you are using a Ticket Lister, correct?

The Entities for the Ticket are stored in the table [TicketEntities] with an FK to the Ticket_Id in the Tickets table. Even though the TicketEntities table has Id links to the Entity, the Entity data is stored in text form there as well. I suspect that updating the Entity manually will not update the TicketEntities table data.

The only way for this to happen is via Ticket manipulation. For example, open the Ticket, change the Entity to something else, close the Ticket, open the Ticket, change the Entity back to the BP Entity, close the Ticket.

The issue is that the Entity is associated with a Ticket, and Ticket data is not updated when you change the Entity data, unless you remove the Entity from the Ticket and re-add the Entity to the Ticket.

I checked in the table on dB and they were updated there.

I’ll try what you suggested and see if that works

is it because its currently assigned to an open ticket maybe?