Entities show on Line Display

Good Day

I have created a loyalty card system for my customers, and I want their name and points balance to show on my port printer(Line Display) as soon as the entity is selected

I want this info:

This displays on the line display, but it is one big mess(Mixed characters and entity function does not convert to the actual info)

This is the result of that template:

Please tell me what I am doing wrong

Posibly it’s trying to report that data for each entity selected.
See employee entity in use which won’t have the data.
Rather than use the entities merge section just use layout and report loyalty entity data directly in root layout of template.

Actually what you have done is use direct reference to loyalty entity expression within merge section.
Just try moving that report to the layout section and loose the entities merge tag and section.

Is it possible for you to give me an example?
I’ve only started working with this stuff recently, so I am not very familiar with formats and layouts or such things

Put the L {ENTITY DATA report wxpression} line in place of the blue {ENTITIES} bit and remove [ENTITIES] down