Entity Account Balance in Negative

I had this:

[<J00>Your New ShakesCard Balance:| £[=F(TN('{ENTITY BALANCE:ShakesCard}'))]]

which shows negative

I tried this:

[<J00>Your New ShakesCard Balance:| £[=F(TN('{ENTITY BALANCE:ShakesCard}','#,#0.00;#,#0.00'))]]

Which shows nothing… (based upon what I read on the forum)

Where have I gone wrong?


What you trying to do? Inverse the credit/debit number?
Try something like
0-({ENTITY BALANCE:ShakesCard})

10 (debt) = 0 - 10 = -10 (negative)
0 = 0
-10 (credit) = 0 - (-10) = 10 (positive)

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Had to play about with it a little,. but ended up with the desired result.

who woulda thought just 0- would do so much lol


or multiply by -1…

Its just inverting +/-

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