Entity Account Drop Down limited length

Hello @emre

Can you please let me know if this is an issue or design as the image below depicts the list is limited by number if you try to scroll to the bottom. Manual entry seems to refilter the list bringing the record into the smaller record list.

Your advice required.

There is a parameter in the Settings file that limits how many records are displayed. Default is 100. Try changing that.

Hi Q
Ok cannot seem to find the “settings file”? Not in Samba TXT file…

It is in one or both of the following locations:


The setting is:


Ok then, looked there missed that! Will give that a try wonder if it will slow things down making it 10000. We will see and thanks in advance as will try in the morning :sleeping:

Probably. The setting is more for other screens like below (ie. Entities, Accounts, Actions, Rules, etc), but it might also be applied in the screen you show…

Yea I clicked when you posted the file contents :grinning: At least it will solve that as hate clicking that blue highlight :joy: really…