Entity Balance doesnt show in Ticket screen

Hi everyone!

I noticed very strange behavior with Entity Balance not showing up on the ticket/order screen.

This ONLY happens when Payment Type isn’t mapped to anyone and/or when the certain user role doesn’t have a mapping to Payment Type that Debits selected entity.

Payment is automated and it properly processes everything, hence the need of “hiding” payment type on the Settle Screen.

Is this a bug or? Using SambaPOS 5.2.18

Can you show a screenshot example?

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Please use the latest versions. Because we fixed a lot of things on it. If you see a problem i think the first step is update it to the latest version.

Here is the GIF image. Orange pop up shows when RFID card/wristband has been scanned.

Also Change Ticket rule only contains assigning entity from the numpad, display ticket action and then execute automation command that starts another rule i.e “Over the limit” popup or Orange Ask Question like in the GIF

@VehbiEmiroglu I will give it a go and let you know what happens with new version.

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I like the way you have setup your customer details display(Payment confirmation). Do you mind sharing?

You want to orange popups or the green RFID Payment Complete? :sweat_smile:


Both orange and green :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You can put this one in the payment processed rule.

Question: <size 50><bold>RFID Transaction Complete :)</bold></size>

The orange popup is also a Ask Question action

Question: <size 35><bold> Do you want to settle with XBar Card?</bold></size>

Description: <bold>Customer: {ENTITY DATA:SambaCard:Customer Name}\rBalance Due: [=F((TN('{ENTITY BALANCE:SambaCard}')),'#,#0.00')]\r\rTicket Balance: {REMAINING TOTAL}\rCard Limit:[=TN('{ENTITY DATA:SambaCard:Limit}')]\r\rBalance Due after Payment: [=F((TN('{ENTITY BALANCE:SambaCard}')+TN('{REMAINING TOTAL}')),'#,#0.00')]</bold>\r\r\rPress Pay to settle the ticket with the XBar Card.\r\rPress Cancel to change or cancel the order.

The reason I use these Ask Questions is to make flow as simple as possible for staff. Also they are kind of like Modal pop ups on the browser that you cant get rid of until you press yes or no.

Ideal for guiding staff in one direction without giving them the ability to go sideways.

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@VehbiEmiroglu I just want to follow up on this and say that this issue persists in 5.2.24

If the Payment Type isnt mapped to the User Role thats logged in - the entity balance wont shop up in the ticket screen.