Entity Custom Fields - The "hidden" flag

What is the significance of the hidden flag when configuring custom fields for an entity.

I have set two fields as hidden yet they are still visible to me and the operator when editing an entity. I know I can customise the layout of this screen and therefore remove these fields, but I would have through the “Hidden” flag was to serve this function. If not, what does it actually do?

Entity Screen in Search View Mode should hide the “hidden” fields.

If you are using a Custom Screen with an Entity Search Widget then that might not be true. The Widget might ignores the “hidden” flag so that you can customize the Widget however you see fit.

EDIT: no, even the Entity Search Widget hides the “hidden” fields by default.

You should be aware that with Custom Entity Screens, the Layout of Widgets such as Entity Search can be saved in a Layout file. So if the Widget has a Name in the Widget Properties, and you modify the Columns that are shown/available, then exit SambaPOS, the Layout of the Widget will be saved and will be recalled when you navigate to that screen next time.

Ahhhh - That will be why. I am using layout mode with a search widget. So therefore I need to hide by removing the columns and by removing the edit labels in design mode.

Cool, thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

Sorry but I don’t fully understand the answer.
I don’t know if I am using a Custom Screen with an Entity Search Widget.
I add an entity, some custom fields and entity screen.

Entity Screen:

I can see the hidden field when adding new/editing entity, is it the normal behaviour?


Hidden feature implemented before we’ll be able to redesign editor screen. You can hide a field for a terminal by editing the layout of the editor.

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