Entity customer search right click design mode is not working?

I was playing with customer search entity I was trying to add address bar, but I have deleted the phone bar and now I cant use right click design mode can anyone help me please?

Can you show some screenshots of what you mean? It could be something very simple but a screenshot will help. I will make sure your account has permission to upload screenshots.

EDIT: you can upload screenshots now. Simply print screen and then paste it in the text box and submit the reply.

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I was trying to add address bar to the customer search entity on design mode but I dot know how I did but I have deleted phone bar now when I am adding new customer I only see name which I want to be able to add customers name phone number and address

To add additional entity fields you set them from within Entity Type and Custom Fields. You probably just dragged out the columns…Enter design mode again and delete the widget and then go back to the Customer Entity Screen and make it automatic instead of custom. Add your fields to Entity Type and it should work.


Thanks a lot! I appreciated