Entity Field box which does not search but rather enters straight in

Well I’ve tried to get this working in native samba but cant seem to do it.
So i’m asking could we potetntially get a new enetiy screen widget which is like the editor widget or the entity search widget, but whatever is put in there and pressed enter finds the ticket with that name and creates the ticket.

Well a suprising way to get this to work is simply by scanning it twice lol. dont know how that works but ill take it.

I would guess it’s the carriage return from the raid/slip on the seccond time with the first time not doing it as search values not returned before the enter is entered, but seccond time there is a result there.
If you entering the primary field could you not use select entity action or something.

Ive tried that a lot and each time it jsut doesnt work :disappointed_relieved:

The number is the entity name or a custom field value?

Entity name, I just seem to have a lot of issues ;(

I am going to demonstrate something for you. Look at this animated gif… know that I did not click anything I scanned a card just like you are trying to do.

…sshot inc…

EDIT: Odd @emre it wont let me switch customers in ticket but it works fine for tables… default database I must be missing a configuration somewhere…

Ok it seems its because of some automation but it doesn’t seem right. @emre if you get time could you take a look. I tested Change Ticket Entity action and it works fine to create a ticket… but if your wanting to just change entity it wont do it.

If you want a backup of the test database I used just tell me. Here are the steps I used.

Loaded default Database.
Changed Customer Search entity screen to Layout and added an Entity Search widget. Set the following settings:

Created the Change Ticket entity action:

Used the action in this rule:

It works fine and creates a ticket with that entity but it will not change entities for the ticket.

Ok I just tried that with your exact setup, but it seems the delay beetween the value being inserted and the scanner pressing enter is not long enough

@Jesse Change Ticket Entity action implemented to execute from inside ticket. I mean we should execute it from a ticket related rule. Entity widgets already can switch customers without any automation. Why we need that?


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At the moment I’m really confused. All i wanted to do was allow a barcode scanner to select the entity from an entity screen. My only goal was never to have a ticket without an entity.