Entity grid buttons are in different colors (white and grey)

Hi, long time not posting here.

I have just created an entity grid with 36 entities and the first 8 buttons are white and the rest are grey. How can I make alk the same color? There in nothing oending in any entity (no orders no bills no nothing)

How can I fix it? I have deleted and created the widget several times.

That wil be that you have used the first 8.
A new entity has no status (grey).
Entities are set to available (white) after closing/final payment/when it has no more tickets.
Make a ticket add to 9th, close ticket, open it, then change entity to 10 then 11 etc.

Think there is a way to set entity default creation state but can’t remember how where that is.

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Thanks I will check that later and you are right, I used those before.