Entity Issues with custom entity

I have an Entity Type named “Customer” - this is a customer account type entity.

When I use the Entity Search screen and select a customer in a new ticket, I can see SambaPOS recognizing this correctly:


However when I try to access this data via relevant tags they call come back blank except “ENTITY BALANCE”, here are the tags I am using to try to access this data:

{ENTITY DATA:Customers
Expected Return: Customer entities primary field
Actual: Nothing

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Phone}
Expected Return: Customer entities custom field “Phone”
Actual: Nothing

Expected: Balance of selected Customer
Actual: Works as expected

Does anybody see where I am failing here?

{ENTITY NAME} Should return primary field
{ENTITY DATA:Phone} should return custom field Phone

Where / when are you trying to access them? In a Rule? Tags are not always available for access in all Rules. The syntax can also be different depending on the Rule, where sometimes the Entity Type is required, and other times it is not.

As sukasem mentions, primary field is reference by “NAME” and depending on the Rule, it can be one of:

{ENTITY NAME:Customers}

Same goes for Custom Data, for example:

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Phone}