Entity Note Formatting


Hi @emre

Ive decided to try the entity note for my age restricted setup. At first i was having an ask question appear at the start of each ticket when an age restricted item was added to ticket. So just for the first order this would appear

Instead ive setup an entity with note and automation command (works really well!!) so that when an order is added the ticket note appears instead so we can chose to click it to enable the above ask question. This stops the need for an extra press to cancel the ask question when a check isnt needed so speeds up the transaction

Could you look at some improvements for the formatting of the entity note on the pos screen:

  • Can you remove the blue background colour as it hard to read the text in the note

  • The setting in the note where you set the colour i thought was to set the background colour to the ticket note (instead of the default blue colour) this would make the note stand out more and fit in with any colours we want

  • Can you add formatting to the actually note text, i tried to increase size and make bold but they dont work here

  • Also some text justification, id like to centre the text of the ticket note instead of defaulting to the left

This would help format the ticket note more in keeping with other formatting we use on samba



Or when an entity note is added make it an auto command button on screen so it will appear and disappear depending on wheher there is a note added

It can then have all the formatting of an auto command button so when pressed processed a rule, if no auto command assigned to it then it just does nothing when pressed


Honestly I was planning to remove entity notes completely on a future major update. That implemented to add notifications for entities but sounds like you want to use is as an additional custom formattable area on top of the ticket. Why don’t you just add a Think 21 command button on the left?


Ahh no probs I’ll remove that bit of the setup and change it back

I want to keep the left side free of buttons so ticket area and product area is a big as can me

I can always add a button under the ticket instead :grinning:


A better question is what’s changing and when is the major upgrade :wink:


Yes, thought next stage of evilution was DNA web based or is that what you mean?


We will never stop SambaPOS development. To be able work for SambaDNA I had to pause my own SambaPOS development for a while but it didn’t entirely stopped. During that time lots of products and integrations developed for SambaPOS by SambaPOS Team. SambaPOS is not a one man project anymore. We’ll keep developing new products that works with SambaPOS and also improve SambaPOS itself as needed.

As we advance on both projects I believe SambaDNA networks will also open new possibilities for SambaPOS.