Entity report and more reports

1st i wanted to make report to show food ,beverage , desert and ice cream each with total sales . not by category .
2nd , i give the manger something called officer . i made entity with his name and want to show report of all his orders and prices that entered for this entity.
and can i get that officer out of total sales like gift ?

and u wanted to thank u all for this amazing pos system and for all hard work and time spent on building it :+1:

Now sure on the first one but wouldn’t the second question be easier solved by giving the manager user the user permission - through automation command mapping to gift/comp the orders directly within the original ticket?

you can check this out:

maybe it helps!!!


i want to track the entity . for example i want to see all transactions that happened on b11 table and total

is this show me report of total food ’ beverage , dessert and i cream ??