Entity Screen Responsive

Just wondering if its possible to to make entity screens responsive.
Eg.Main system 4:3 resolution and staff display 16:9.
Ticket lister looks fine on 16:9

but on 4:3 looks like this

Lots of wasted space top and bottom.
Is it possible to make this align to top and make total height 100% of available screen

Also for widths E.g make ticket-lister width 50% would be usefull to always have 2 columns. and would work on all devices regardless of resolution.

It would just help with visual consistency across various devices

That is actually to do with the widget properties size not the Ticket Lister width or height.

Yes I understand that. It would be good to be able to use percentages vs pixel widths.

The ticket lister was just a further example of where else this could be used if it were implemented

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Hmm… I was thinking the same thing while implementing new Delivery screen… (good timing lol) Positioning like that is essential for some screens but I’ll check our options.