Epson beep not working

Hello i am using an Epson TM88IV Kitchen Printer and i am not able to make it beep, i dont know if it has an internal buzzer, i tried switching the DIP1 pin nr. 2 to ON and also DIP2 pin nr. 5 to ON as indicated in the manual i also tried enabled just one at a time and still not working ( this is maybe because i dont have a buzzer included ). I also both a buzzer from a store and tried it out but dont know if its good for my printer ( i connected it to the drawer port ) i also dont know on witch pin i need to link the 2 wires from the buzzer as the connector from the printer has 4 pins.

Please guys help me if you know what to do thanks.

Ive changed the category from issue to question. The issue category should only be used for bugs within samba, your question has nothing to do with samba but is about the setup of a printer

Id suggest looking at epsons site/manual for the printer if theres noone on here that can answer your question

The ones ive previously used had an option in the printer driver to make the buzzer beep when the printer prints and the buzzer just plugged into the cash drawer socket

Did you try the BEEP command in printer template?

But as @RickH said your best bet is to look for a manual…

Yep i tried it, but nothing happend

There is a very good chance that your printer does not have a buzzer.

I have a a TM-T220 and a TM-T88V and am fairly certain neither of them have buzzers.

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What 88V doesn’t have it? It was very expensive, top of the line. Better buy cheap chinese lol.

There was a link elsewhere in the past to a nifty kick drawer buzzer.
Also sure I saw one online which had a light and buzzer triggered from the kick port - liked the light addition for additional notification is noisy kitchen.

It would be better if it can detect if the print out has been taken then stop beeping. That drawer kick is just fix about of beep right.

Thinking of building one of arduino but my sensor order from ebay got lost :(. So, havn’t order it again yet. It is very bad this year 30% of my order got lost. Damn CanadaPost.

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That would be nice.

The link on the forum a while back was a ‘hack a day’ type link to a diy solution.
In theory, with some basic circuitry you could add a button to press to stop if it had a permanent power supply and was just switched/triggered by the kick port.
Arduino would be one way to go, either triggered by kick port (posibly need to be via a relay as kick would be 12 or 24v and think arduinos work on 3/5v but been along time since I looked.
Would be fairly simple to program.
Kick relay starts bleep/flashing, button stops (press button when grabbing ticket)

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Vin can be 12V max or just add an regulator. But it think it should have 12v somewhere in there.

Should be possible with just circuitry, a timed/triggered relay with permanent power supply, kick drawer power cycle trigger relay to on powering buzzer, button power cycle to turn relay off.
Although to big for the job had an adjustable 240v relay which did exactly that but in delay mode to fix/compensate for an oversensitive thermostat on one of our fryers (would flicker on and off when got to temperature - the 30 second delay on prevents the stat from flickering the main relay allowing a heat/cool cycle that the stat should do)

Something like this, little unclear to follow the ‘chinglish’ but similar could do the job