EPSON TM-82II as a Windows Printer

It cannot be that hard -surely!

So I have this Printer Set as a “Windows Printer” to print a few End of Day Reports BUT the Font is a little wide say 10CPI. If I select ESC POS as the Printer Type I get a much smaller Font but the presentation not that good for a Report.

Anybody know how I can use this as a Windows Printer but REDUCE the FONT Size :scream: Seriously Googled, Read the Manual, use the Utility Software - nothing…

Try html mode and use some tags for font size?

Hey kendash

If I switch to that mode will the whole report need HTML formatting or can I just pop a few tags in the top? I wish we could use some of the granular Ticket Control we have…

Yea I was kidding myself right …“just threw a few tags in there” LOL


<div style="font-size:20px;font-family:Tahoma;">
<div style="font-size:30px;font-weight:bold;">large bold content</div>
<div style="font-size:12px;">small regular content</div>
medium regular content set by outer div

You might also use <span> in the same manner.

<div> is block-level element (new line at closing div)
<span> is inline-level elment (no new line)