Epson TM-T88IV - Font Size

Good morning ,
could you tell me how you can increase the font size on this printer ?
I also read this post Epson TM U220 font size
but I did not understand how to use the <XCT> .
I tried them a little random but nothing changes .

Are you using the ‘Ticket Printer’ setting for printer type?
Does the <L22> , <J12> , <C00> type codes not work where the numbers set the height/width size?
Not used this exact model but used the Digipos branded clones of the epson T88 machines and they take this formatting code ok?

Have you read the printer formatting post?


ok! Great!! now work with < J12 >. another thing , could you please tell me how to change the font?

Not sure on that one im afraid, pretty sure its possible but think its a printer setting or maybe a type code…
IF you do change the font be sure to choose a fixed spacing font, have seen issues with layout when using variable width fonts.

Quick search confirms my thoughts;

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Thanks, but i don’t know how i change The font. In sambapos printer ticket i don’t found any parameter to change for this. I know with html printer and it work fine but in printer ticket?
Thanks in advantage

Dont think you can in V4, although ive never tried

It might be possible in V5 as we have extra formatting option such as etci have changed the font on most of my on screen setuo but havent tried it in tickets yet so dont know if that will work yet

When talking about ESC/POS Ticket Printers, changing the font “face” is not an operation of SambaPOS. It is a function of your Printer Driver. Or, you can use HTML/CSS.

Look at your printer driver to see if has different fonts sets that you can choose from. Also, look at your Printer documentation. You may find ESC codes there which you can use to switch fonts via <XCT> in a template.