Epson tm U295 error

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with dot matrix printer epson tm U295.
in print adds two characters and the exclamation point for each line,
see attached photo.
the printer is set as the printer ticket.
Why is this happening?
Thank You

IIRC this happens when the printer is in Star emulation mode. Look in your driver/utility to switch it to ESC/POS mode.

the printer is an Epson has just esc-pos!

the printer supports Command protocol based on the ESC/POSTM standard. Does the printer program/utility have nay settings for ESC/POS? could not see anythin on the manual.

The TM-U295 is terminal slip printer which uses a 7-pin shuttle dot printing method, and provides the
different modes, standard and page (∗).
The printer has the following features:
• Programmable page length.
• Programmable print starting position.
• Multiple character sizes (standard, double-width, double-height, and quadruple).
• Character directions: 4
• International character set selection.
• Forward and backward paper feeding.
• Command protocol based on the ESC/POSTM standard.
• Programmable paper feed amount.
• Paper eject function.
• Top Of Form (TOF) and Bottom Of Form (BOF) sensors.
• Data reception during printing (improved throughput and less waiting time for the host computer).
• 512 byte printer buffer memory.
• Compact, space efficient design.
• Drawer kick-out function.
• Automatic Status Back (ASB) function to automatically send printer status changes.
• Either RS-232 serial interface or 1284 bidirectional parallel interface should be selectable when the
product is shipped from the factory.

morshed1 explain to me better,
I do not understand what I should do.
thank you

Check your printer drivers and look for a setting for ESC-POS setting. Ensure it is set to that. IF you can maybe provide a screenshot of your drivers settings page. Just because its an Epson does not meant it isn’t set in Star Emulation. When you get those characters it means its in Star emulation. The setting should be in your driver utility.