ERP - Samba Integration

Hello! I´m looking for someone that is able to help and coordinate an ERP integration with SAMBAPOS. I know that the ERP we´re looking to work with functions over SQL Server db and that they would work as a team with the Samba professional in the integration.

We currently own 3 samba Licenses to operate in 3 locations. So we need to consolidate all of the data in the ERP to have real time information and that´s why I need Samba and the ERP to be fully integrated, since Samba also needs to ¨send¨ information to the accounting and finance modules, and on the other hand production, inventory and adquisicions would exchange information between samba and transactions on the ERP itself (Pushing and pulling information). I´ve seen on forum posts that full integrations are possible with ERP´s (since one of them mentioned full possibilities to integrate to Dynamics) although I haven´t seen anyone to have done it , I don´t know what needs to be done inside Samba or on Samba´s end and that´s where I need professional help.

This obviously would be done remotely. If you have any questions please reply to this and I´ll try to solve the question as best as I can.

It would be helpful if you told us what ERP you’re using.

Hello @Memo ! It is actually a local ERP, developed in my country.

Does it have a name? A link to website of the ERP?

Hello @markjw I´ve sent you a private message with more Detail. And Memo as well, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: