Error: Check Database Version

i have followed all the tutorials and create a new database and restore from one of the premade databases.
I went into my sambapos and set to look at the new database
now when I try to load I get error
check database version
Database: 69 - App: 78
I want to look at how they have done this database and perhaps get a few ideas for mine.


You need to install same version of sambapos that they used when they listed the db. It means you have a newer version of samba.

Once you load the db you can install latest version and it will migrate the db to new version.

Which one are you referring too?

Quick service tables
I can only have the latest SambaPos installed, hopefully.
and I have just installed sql 2014

I have downloaded the correct version of Samba and uninstalled the latest version and install this earlier one, now I get check database version

We do not recommend use of Compact Edition (CE).

You should use either SQL Server LocalDB or better SQL Server Express 2014.

The LocalDB version is single-user, but has a very small footprint.
The Express version is multi-user, but is a much larger installation. It also has a lot of features over LocalDB, so we generally recommend installing Express.

do I nned the compact sql 4.0 or sql server local as I now have adv sql express loaded?

You cannot upgrade or convert a CE database into a SQL database via SambaPOS installation. You must go through a conversion process first (CE > SQL), then run the install to upgrade from SQL > SQL.

NOTE: the “upgrade” that SambaPOS performs on your DB is not a version upgrade of the Database Engine. It is an “upgrade” of the SambaPOS database schema (i.e. tables/columns, performance indexes, etc).

That database was an older version of mine that I submitted.

You will need SambaPOS version 4.1.55
This is a SQL Express 2014 Database
Admin password =1234
Employee password =4321

BTW any questions about it I could answer since this is my database :stuck_out_tongue:

So you can restore that DB using SSMS, then install the latest version of SambaPOS and it will upgrade the SQL DB.

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