Error in printer set up

My pos was working fine. Now this message appears every time I try to print.
Please help!

Does print bill still work ok? Do reports usually print to the same printer?

thanks for your reply,
no Print bill does not work, yes i normally print reports also from 1 printer.

Check the printer name in the printer settings and compaire to the printer name in windows.

Have you upgraded to windows 10 recently?
I have had a couple of clients where the upgrade knocked off the printer from printers list meaning the printer had to be reinstalled on windows.

hi thank for your speedy reply, yes i use windows 10, can u please advise on how to reinstall printer.

Im not saying that IS your problem just a sugestion, please check before presuming its the same issue.

SambaPOS only looks at the names of the printers avaialble in windows…
If the printer isnt setup in windows samba cant print to it.

the printer does not show in the drop down menu
on windows it is unspecified

??? you mean not there at all?
Sounds like it is the problem sugested.
You need to reinstall the printer and then select it in the drop down in samba