Error message Emergency. SQL server issue. Anyone for remote hire?


Im getting this message.

My remote laptop stopped logging in to Samba. The main computer is running it just fine.

Anyone know what this is?

Either your connecting string is wrong, if so correct in that box

Sql server is not running so do ctrl alt del, task manager, services and start the correct sql service

Or if connecting remotely you have a connection issue stopping you connecting to the server machine where the database is stored

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RickH, thanks. We didn’t change anything on Samba. How do I check and see what connection string it wants?

It appears SQL Server is not running. Have you tried just restarting the PC?

Also a Windows update may have altered SQL Server starting automatically when Windows starts. What version of Windows are you running?

Also if you just want someone to fix, I sent you a PM in response to your ad, we can assist with paid support if needed.

I have reset many times.
My windows version 1803 (SO 17134.285)

Is the server is localhost or its in the back office?

the server is a PC in our office. The laptop in the bar is the interface

then go server, open control panel, then go system and security and make sure firewall is off.

can Samba work with the firewall on?

the firewall was on. I turned it off and no dice

samba don’t work when firewall is on…

Samba can work with firewall on provided you setup named pipes in sql and open ports correctly.
Turning firewall off is a quick test way of checking and lazy way of implementing.

It’s hard to tell from your message without full string and error message.


This not correct. I never run SambaPOS without firewall on, that’s just bad practice.


until you add rules in firewall and right now this guy looking for a quick solution so he could run his business normally and later he could add a rule in the firewall…

Of course, but that is basic IT knowledge. Every single guide on setup on this forum tells you the rules to setup in firewall.


if its still not working then go to services and check if sql server is running…

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Could also try to ping the server and make sure network is good.
Sorry @Faisal but that’s not what you said though you said it won’t work with firewall, not starting an argument but don’t get defensive, we weren’t having a go, just putting it straight.


His issue is resolved now. We provided support to him and firewall wasn’t configured properly, plus password in connection string was changed - likely in an attempt to fix the problem.