Error message''current problem saved to log file''

Please help me to solve this issue…!!!

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Type In the correct database settings

It explains the issue in the error message.
Is this on the Server or a terminal?

If on the server check that SQL is running.

If on the terminal check the network connection, looks like its a wireless connection rather than ethernet - may not have had time to connect to the wireless network before Samba tried to connect.

Check sql server is running in services

It is stand alone sambapos.
I really wonder why it error like that. because before i install never had problem like these.
please give me some idea and guide me to do it.

Your connected to SQL server and it’s saying that it’s not running. Check to be sure SQL server is running.

It mean i have to install Sambapos and then install SQL server??@Jesse

do you have video to fix this issue?

Check why SQL server is not running. You have it installed already.

Sorry @Jesse where can i check whether it running or not?

Go to search and type services then start it and look for SQL Server service.

which button that i can send upload log file to for checking

No need for log file. We already told you what’s wrong. It’s not Sambapos. Your SQL server is not running.

is the SQL Server VSS writer for sambapos?

You can use this document.


Thank you to all , now issue has been solved!!!